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The Canadian Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres (CAML) is awarding annually four awards to library/archival students, researchers, professionals, etc.

Helmut Kallmann Award

The Award is named in honour of Dr. Helmut Kallmann, the pioneering Canadian musicologist, who was Chief of the National Library of Canada’s Music Division from its inception in 1970 to 1987, and a co-founder of the Canadian Music Library Association (the predecessor of CAML).


The award is open to librarians, archivists, academics, and others who, over the course of their career, have made outstanding contributions in one or more of the following areas relating to music in Canada:

  • music librarianship or the archival profession
  • the preservation, digitization, and development of music libraries and archives
  • cataloguing and indexing activities that improve access to Canadian resources in all formats
  • musicological and bibliographical research and documentation, including outstanding publications, promotion and dissemination activities
Past Recipients
- 2017 Daniel Paradis
- 2012 Robin Elliott
- 2009 Marie-Thérèse Lefebvre
- 2006 Kathleen McMorrow
- 2004 Elaine Keillor
- 2002 Maria Calderisi
- 2000 Jane Anne Pierce Baldwin (1952 – 2015)

Cheryl Martin Presenter Award

CAML members interested in presenting at the 2020 conference are encouraged to apply for this award alongside their conference paper proposal. The award is open to either:

  • First-time presenters (who may be at any stage in their career)
  • Returning presenters who are early-career professionals (and who completed their education in the last five years)

The award includes the following:

  • Publication of the conference paper in a forthcoming issue of the CAML Review
  • Up to $1000 to cover travel and accommodation expenses for the CAML conference (submission of receipts required)
  • Conference registration and banquet fees
  • This year, a graduate student runner-up will be recommended for a Congress Graduate Merit Award of $500

Application Requirements:

  • A 1-page letter requesting consideration for the Cheryl Martin Presenter Award
  • A current CV
  • A Statement expressing the applicant’s interest in and experience with music librarianship
  • Graduate students wishing to be considered for the Congress Graduate Merit Award must also send proof of academic good standing by submitting one of the following: a list of academic accomplishments OR a transcript OR a letter from a supervisor

Applications for this award will be considered at the same time as conference paper proposals and must be submitted to the Program Committee Chair, Alastair Boyd, by January 10, 2020:

Applicants are asked to refrain from registering for the Conference until after the results are announced. Applicants must be members must in good standing and, if a returning presenter, in the first 5 years of their career post-graduation from an MLIS degree or similar qualification (current employment is not a requirement).

First-time Attendee Award

This award supports CAML members who are library/archival students or individuals considering a career in music librarianship. Applicants must be members in good standing. The award includes:

  • Conference registration and banquet fees

Applications must include:

  • A current CV
  • A letter requesting consideration for the First-time Attendee Award and clearly articulating the applicant’s interest in a career in music librarianship

Applications for this award must be submitted to the Program Committee Chair, Alastair Boyd, by January 10, 2020:

Applicants are asked to refrain from registering for the Conference until after the results are announced.

CAML Research and Professional Development Scholarship

This award supports research and/or professional development of CAML members with financial support of up to $1000. The scope of this award is broad and a wide range of submissions will be considered. Examples include:

  • Members seeking to top up funding on a current research project (even if it is already funded)
  • Funding to attend conferences related to the field of music librarianship
  • Support for a brand new research project
  • Any other professional development/research activities

In order to be eligible, applicants must be:

  • Members in good standing
  • Employed by a Canadian institution
  • Prepared to write an article on their research or professional development activity for publication in a forthcoming issue of the CAML Review

Applications must include:

  • A letter of application clearly indicating the research or professional experience the applicant is seeking
  • A budget proposal
  • A current CV
  • A letter of support (preferable from a supervisor or senior staff at the applicant’s institution)

2021 recipient: John Lazos

University of Toronto
Music Library
Edward Johnson Bldg
80 Queens Park,
Toronto, ON, M5S 2C5
English (Canada)